Going Places through Education

What we do

Gateway Global Foundation connects individuals and organizations who seek positive transformation through education. All are invited to participate in this global cause. In some cases, involvement may be in the form of donations and grants to support projects which the Foundation has assessed for alignment, quality, and credibility. In other cases, it may be in the form of delivering educational support services. The Foundation provides a trustworthy platform that interfaces resources and projects so that transformative education can occur.

Why we do it

Gateway Global Foundation was established to support people who share a common set of convictions (see below, “What we believe”). In many cases educators who wish to promote and provide quality education are unable to do so because of a lack of resources. At the same time, there are donors with similar convictions and aspirations who care deeply about the social and economic issues of the day and recognize education is a key to ameliorating these problems. The Foundation, acting in the role of a networking facilitator, links those who seek to foster such an education, with those who are in local communities striving to implement this education. The Foundation works with both donors and projects to ensure there is common purpose and shared commitment. It also annually tracks the activities of the projects to ensure the outcomes are in line with the donor’s and the Foundation’s expectations.

What we believe

Human Potential

We believe every human being is endowed with dignity and a capacity to learn. Therefore, we support learning communities that embrace the unique worth of every learner and create opportunities for all to pursue their potential.

Holistic Process and Responsibility

Acquiring knowledge and embracing wisdom are essential for a learner to succeed in the breadth of life. Education that couples skill and knowledge acquisition with character development and social responsibility is a powerful dynamic for good not only for the individual but for the community and beyond.  Therefore, we prioritize projects that address the holistic nature of learning.


Children and adults learn best in positive, caring environments which use culturally appropriate, relevant, up-to-date strategies which are informed by research and enlightened by dialogue with others. Therefore, we support projects which are outward looking and self-consciously on a pathway to contextualized excellence.


Education comes in many forms, most of which have merit and play a role in complex modern societies. Therefore, we support a wide variety of projects in various parts of the world and seek to promote those that advocate international awareness and personal tolerance which avoids harm to others.

Funding a Project

If you know the name of the project you would like to support, please enter it in the donation box to the right. Donations may be in any bank approved format including, for example, checks, bank drafts, donor advised funds, electronic fund transfers, Pay Pal, credit cards, debit cards, and stocks. Those seeking to designate a deferred gift, such as occurs in wills and annuities, should contact the Foundation at info@gatewayglobal.foundation.

Tax Deductible Receipts

If the donor wishes to receive a tax-deductible receipt for the donation, the donation must be given to the Foundation and the preferred project(s) clearly designated. The Foundation commits itself to distributing the funds in accordance with the donor’s stated wish but is legally required to retain authority over the distribution of the funds.

Because the Foundation supports a variety of educational projects in many different countries, not all projects qualify for a charitable donation receipt. In other words, while all are worthy of support, not all have an IRS recognized charitable status in the United States. In such cases, the Foundation is unable to provide the donor with a US charitable receipt. In its place the Foundation will send a letter acknowledging the gift and confirming that the Foundation has invested the gift as requested. If the Foundation is unable to endorse or fund the project, it will work with the donor to find a suitable alternative project.


You will be sent to the Germany website to complete your donation in Euros. This option only allows you to give through an EFT or PAD.
Incurs a small processing fee.
Incurs a small processing fee.